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This can allow you to take advantage of even the smallest moves in the market. One of the most powerful strategies used by smart traders is the pin bars. Participants can select the contests which are suitable for them including the starting time, the number of competitors, the duration of the contest and the instruments in optons to trade. The best time to enter such a trade set up is when the price action confirms the Pin bar and passes its body and wick. Trade of the Day. CALL Option UP :.

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. The Pin bar trading strategy pin bar pattern is very simple in its usage. It can be used by binary options pin bar professionals and beginners in trading. At the same time, this strategy is so versatile that can be applied not only for indexes and stocks trading, but also for the Forex currency pairs trading. Those who prefer working with bars have to look for the model that has three bars.

And those who prefer the Japanese candlesticks will look for the model with one candlestick. Closure of the left bar has to occur within the opening of the middle bar. Therefore, the middle bar has to close within the opening of the right bar. At the same time, the middle bar has to have the long enough shadow, which sufficiently extends beyond the right and left bars. Before puzzling out how to use this strategy, it is necessary to understand what the middle pin bar is and how it has to look.

Firstly, it is necessary to mention that the pin bar has the long shadow. Sometimes, the shadow is called the spike in the trading literature. So, the spike or the shadow has to be fairly long. At the same time, they are directed in the opposite to the current movement direction. It is necessary to note that the longer the spike is, the more chances of its strategy work off exist. There is another one important remark. In this case, we can state that the pattern has confirmed.

In this situation, the Call binary option can be bought. It will indicate that the bearish trend will continue in the dde forex mt4, and the Put option can be bought. It is very important to wait until the formation of such pattern and its confirmation in the form of the third bar. It frequently happens that the beginners in trading buy options before its due time and bear large losses. But, in sober fact, it is not true.

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