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See if you can guess which ones are mine in the comments, at bottom. Pretty Much any Royal Enfield The classic Royal Enfield road bikes are still built the old way, in India, by hand, and are fully new interpretations of the old English Enfield designs. The people involved are genuine enthusiasts, the build quality is excellent, and the look, the feel, and the pitch are dead-nuts-on.

Source Photos : the Chicago TribuneCleveland CyclewerksGenuine Scooter Co. You can also find me on Twitteror wandering aimlessly around Oak Park. I loved to drive it and save money over driving my car to work. Best stock options to buy 2013 now I bought a Chevy Volt. Plus, that Volt blows compared to the bike.

We both know it. You deserve to have some fun and can switch it to ethanol, if you decide you want a greener alternative. If not, then why is it true for e-bikes? Are you thoughtlessly repeating anti-EV FUD? Pulling the embodied energy argument out of the hat when reminded about the efficiency of e-motorcycles is quite specious. No mention of the amount of electricity it takes to refine gasoline, either. And he offers no defense.

I have a tire in my back yard that I intend to burn in a few minutes, but I have time to say that I think saving the planet is for sissies. Electric stuff is fun, and gas burning is fun, but arguing taxes on sale of employee stock options a hippie over which machine burns more fuel is useless and gay.

Apples and oranges, Mr. The amount of energy it takes to manufacture an e-bike is irrelevant. What exactly are the sunk energy costs of building gasser bikes? Also, electric motorcycles are far more efficient than gas bikes. Penny wise, pound foolish if you ask me. Most bikes, even these, have pretty bad aero compared to cars drag, specifically. That said, these are EPA numbers, Here is your speed chart, from And you very definitely see the effects of high speed on fuel consumption.

IE are the stated figures EPA numbers? Generally if you lengthen the gearing, your steady-state economy should improve… up to a point. It can even hinge on subtle differences. The only option was a replacement engine… with different gears, as it was originally from a farm bike that happened to use the same powerplant. I had to gear up a little to keep the general range similar to the old one first is a little higher, top is a little lower, everything is closer together, most particularly the first threebut it also seems to have a difference best stock options to buy 2013 tuning… more torque, less top end power, and more spread out.

So long as you get the right parts. Keep an eye out for silliness like that, and changes to the frame which might fiddle your chain length. In what alternate universe? Pingback: Dear Government, When do Cyclists Start to Matter as Much as Cars? We must need this kinds of fuel efficient bike who give best performance and save our money as well. Most popular bike in the UK last year…………. The CG which preceeded it definitely can, after all. Which makes them even less believable, really.

ITS ALL ABOUT THINKING OUT OF THE DITCH. I would be grateful if you could share the model of this Honda bike with us. That additional hour can come in handy. AT THE SAME TIME. I mean, really, honestly, without having made a mistake somewhere? But the generation of that electricity is not as efficient as modern cars and certainly not hybrids. And since electric vehicles are an additional load on the electric grid, so long as there are coal generation plants on the grid then this additional load is coming from coal plants and also causing them to remain online longer for the additional loads.

We simply need to switch fuels from gas to alcohol. All nuclear disasters have been the effect of human error. Three Mile island disaster cause was employees shutting down cooling pumps. It did not completely melt down because the us Virginia based designers built in redundancy that were hard for people to shut down. The Chernobyl reactors were basically in a shed. Fukushima was the result of pumping sea water in to try to cool the reactors.

New Clean Electricity Coming! Will this newer, safer, nuclear technology. Could China give birth to a new nuclear age? Remember: Uranium is in limited supply on earth. Thorium yields much higher energy per unit of fuel and Thorium is a much more plentiful fuel on earth. Can this newer fissioning technology supplant coal, oil, and enriched uranium humanocidal, dirty systems currently in use?

More electric bullet trains? My Question: Can a blinkered corpocracy like America keep up, compete, maintain itself beside this raging communist giant? Best stock options to buy 2013 the stagnant Corpocracy fade away. Chen from Chinese Academy of Sciences on China Thorium. Can The Great Corporate American Propaganda Whores hide reality for much longer? Will the peons soon enough realize that Socialist Forex championship capital for the failing Corporations best stock options to buy 2013 not working well for them?

Can America change this? Forgive my out-brake but every now and then an innocent like me just has to vent. Too bad not selling in my country. Its still beats my Buick Lacrosse any day of the week. Word of advice on my Chinese scooter. They are cheap and the engine runs well. Its the rest of the scooter that falls apart, muffler bolts, throttle cable and housing and crappy rubber intake manifold. Can be a maintenance nightmare! Stick to Japanese or European scooters if you want one. The more one tries to make them highway capable, the more one affects mpg due to drag increases.

MCs need streamline options to correct this dilemma. Yes, I have a car too, but it usually just sits there hoping it will rain so I will drive her. Why is every Harley rider a fat balding old man? Is that seriously too much to ask? The next time you forget, it could be a truck, after all. Signed, a dude who happens to own a small, cheap, red Honda and uses it to truck back and forth to work along busy city streets and through the near-stationary lines of traffic.

Americans would have a heart attack if they had to pay what we do. Has anyone actually tested them? Are those the diesel-powered Enfields, btw? If you want to see real-world fuel economy numbers instead of what manufacturers claim. Go to They have a car section and motorcycle section. Generally motorcycles have a terrible record for economy. They simply are not designed to be…. Suggest checking out He has rules and competitions to make bikes practical, economical, nicer to ride fast and be the preferred vehicle to use when choosing from the garage.

I find it strange that you keep writing that Automatics cause the bikes to be more fuel efficient as they rev lower. Any normal driver actually revs a lot lower with manual gearboxes than any Automatic does as their usually tuned to run at peak torque which is at fairly high revs. Especially CVT geared scooters lose out on economy as the engine revs higher at slow speeds and the rubber belt has a higher resistance than a chain. For heavier duty, there is the mighty Honda TMX, used for trikes and heavy loads.

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Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window. Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. I feel guilty driving the Ninja now. I need a Zero motorcycle, or preferably a future eNinja. Wait, is this true of EVs generally? What universe are you from? Cleveland Cycle, not the Honda. I wish you provided a graph or chart of speed correlated with fuel consumption.

That said, these are EPA numbers. Here is your speed chart, from Is that actually used for testing motorcycles as well as cars? As I said in the article, it seemed poorly researched. All of these bikes pale in comparison to mine. For the love of chips, [CITATION NEEDED]. Power plants are way more efficient then cars. And, well, I guess looking on a US site for anything that might be relevant to me as a UK customer was probably optimistic… nevermind.

An electric motorcycle review would be very timely with the new electric Harley and Italian EGO. The god old Honda CUB that was sold in the US achieved some incredible MPG number as well. Driving The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid In The Real World. US Auto Sales About To Go Over A Cliff Warns Deutsche Bank. Musk Tweets SpaceX Falcon Heavy Will Launch "Silliest Thing We Can Imagine". We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file.

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