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In the spreadsheet mena details on how to obtain the AmiBroker code that I used for this post. A reversion involves the return of any condition back to a previous state. They seemed too simple to produce such good results. In real life however, you would only buy these stock, that will go down earlier. Is this because the random parameter leads to different results each time? What is the 'Mean Reversion'. I thought there is no way this rule could work.

Mean reversion trading is built around the idea that high and low prices are temporary and a price will tend to go back to its mean reversion forex factory over time. So a mean reversion trader will establish an average they think the price will revert towards, and levels they will trade when the price deviates far enough. This is similar to what market makers do in establishing a mid and standing ready to buy below that price and sell above it.

Their expertise in options pricing and risk management led to Swiss Bank Corporation first forming a joint venture. Time it took to become one of the biggest participants in the US options exchanges Mean reversion traders need to have a solid understanding of economic fundamentals as exchange rates can diverge from the historical mean for long periods due to factors such as protracted trade imbalances, political uncertainty, poor economic policy and other macro-economic factors.

The Mean Reversion strategy caters better to long-term trading as there is a clearer picture of an average over a longer period. A mean reversion trader must be careful to observe potential events that may adversely impact the currency trade. Such events have the potential to cause the exchange rate to diverge from the mean for long periods and significantly impair levels of capital.

Mean Reversion Arbitrage is often best deployed in cross exchange rates where two economies are closely aligned as significant deviation of the rate from the mean can quickly lead to a re-balancing of resources and an exchange rate re-alignment towards the mean. Technical indicators can be a useful addition to the mean reversion trader to help them identify the turning point of a trend where the exchange rate has deviated significantly from the historical mean.

You can open the books and look at more detailed charts of the price action across all the pairs and across different horizons. A useful chart for mean reversion trading would be one with multiple instruments comparing their returns over mean reversion forex factory defined sample period. The content of this blog post can be seen on our interactive infographic What Forex Trading Style Suits You? Risk warning: Trading FX carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.

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Market Randomness and Mean Reversion

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