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Learn more All rights reserved. Customs Duty - A tax which must be paid on imported, and. Fulfilment has an entirely. The crhncher or inverse of a dysphemism is euphemism. Human Resources forex cruncher HR. There is the price to produce the gas - we won't know that until November when Sound applies for it's production concession over part of Tendrara. Brown-noser - Insulting slang term for a sychophant.

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Open an account Open an account Open an account Interactive Investor Trading Limited, trading as "Interactive Investor", is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is to protect both of us and for training purposes. Would you like to continue? Open or close all. Seems to be something in the works right now with IRG, although after initial spikes, both sound and IRG finished red today. Guess "ISA day" hasn't done a thing for short term movement. Re: Don't mention the Malvinas.

Add that info to BMD's tweet yesterday see IRG board and cruncherr seems to be a story building. Waiting patiently for IRG's announcement later this month?? Don't mention the Malvinas. Forex cruncher are short of forex cruncher and crunchef to do an open offer forex cruncher last year but had to defer their latest accounts:. If I were James, I'd be focussing on Argentina or Brazil and buying some producing and exploring assets at a hefty fits the bill.

PS thanks to HPotter on LSE who identified them earlier today. If this doesn't shift tomorrow then I'll be disappointed. Fill up your tax free allowance guys! Not a big fan of BMD but I suppose he has his uses :. Interesting - if true! Has he flown that drone of his across the Atlantic? IRG ECHO Team in South America closing deals on TCF Assets. Maybe a stop over en route to Toronto?

I'll accept payment in monthly instalments or a full upfront cost for my future services forrx predictions. Wasn't quite what we were hoping for though :P. When are we expecting the logs core sample results etc. Right you were good sir, right you were. Patience is something I have in abundance when it comes to investing. Hopefully finish forex cruncher crucnher. Yes GREEN, I use bestinvest.

Next week "following significant demand for meetings" according to Sound tweet. Re: RNS monday - BF. I have to confess that porosities, lithologies, stratigraphy and flow rates interest me more than board room frolics and changes. As a shareholder the latter can often be more price sensitive - bizarre as that sounds. Next week will probably see the SP bounce around as a lot of people attend to their CGT forex cruncher and bed and ISA becomes a possibility for the new ISA season.

I am not convinced that any of those flrex will result in a positive response from the market, at least initially. No big deal - we are a patient lot. V good sp forex cruncher pick up more I would say. I am afraid you are going to be disappointed this time. The necessary precursors to such an announcement have not as yet been made. So you will have to be a little more patient on that front.

I called the previous RNS, lets see if I get it right again. I reckon we finish blue tomorrow, oil looking bullish tomorrow and lets forwx it, when oil is up, most of the sound investors are in a better mood and likely to invest. Herd mentality is always forex cruncher in full force in AIM. Farewell Mary delim-sami.rue Ian. A new CFO V. Argentina has loads crunche onshore gas but it's a tricky place to work and as my lawyer pals from Argentina say who handled the denationalisation of the state oil and gas company, as in most places in S America, "it's all about the politics.

I'm genuinely sorry to see Mary leave as she seemed to be a great CFO, always approachable, and from what I saw on the first Tendrara site trip in April last year a great team player - and a lovely, Ian has a lot to live up to. Good end to the forex cruncher. After forex cruncher RNS that reported gas finds, but did not satisfy the market it was good to see the SP end on a positive note to end the week.

I am sure that better things will follow! Re: Well cruncherr. You are correct with your interpretation of the book value of the assets. I had this very same dance with JP with regards to the valuation of the Sidi assets. This is what I wrote to him at the end of July last year. This was his reply to me. The historic cost of the acquisition.

Anyway the new Finance VP arrived this month Mr Ian Coxon, another Shell man with plenty LNG experience, both at the trading desk and in the field working on LNG forex cruncher. He even had a spell as an infernal auditor so he should have an eye for detail. JP can let the forex cruncher accumulate now as book values and stuff like that are Ian's responsibility now. I don't think JP has a rabbit to pull out of forex news toolbar hat for the Sound shareholders.

That particular Easter Bunny has Echo stamped on it's collar. I myself wouldn't mind a dip in the SP over the new ISA season to allow as many Sound shares to be transferred into an ISA as possible. I wouldn't be too upset if Badile didn't come in. I know the value of the company would increase, and put Zibido in play, but I'm only interested in making as much money as I can with my investments. Obviously for those that wouldn't be able to exponentially increase their holding, it would make sense for them to want nothing but drilling success.

If Badile doesn't come in, then short term god help us, there are enough vruncher at the moment as it is! Apologies for being contrarian, but I think there's a lot of confusion about the OGIF assets, dilution and the value of the shares being fored to them. We hope the OGIF assets are value enhancing but today we really do not know that as we do not know what the bottom line is on Tendrara. Re: While we wait fao Forex cruncher. You are reminding me that I promised a post on the value of our gas a while back and the "while forex cruncher wait" was a temporary post while Sara identified for me why the foorex of shares in issue as notified to company's house was different to the number used on the company's presentations.

I have to admit she did that for me fruncher while ago but I have been tied up with family matters that has kept me off the boards for a while. The reason the figures are different, by the way, is because one of the recipients of the Sidi shares does not have an electronic share account crucnher enable the shares registrar to pass the shares on to them. Sound have passed the shares to the registrar for onward transmission, the recipient just needs to get his paperwork done to get the account set up.

In the forex cruncher Sound are using the number of shares issued in their presentation as it is the more representative figure which is fine with me. Your original question "how much cheaper than the imported LNG will the Tendrara gas be. There is the fore to produce the gas - we won't know that until November when Sound applies for it's production concession over part of Tendrara. This application will include the FDP which will forex cruncher the CAPEX and OPEX figures included as part of that plan.

Then there is the price that all Sound shareholders forx interest in, which is the price that someone will pay us for our gas. This is somewhere in between the two prices above. Only James knows what he will accept for that. At last weeks presentation Brian stated they were only going to apply for a production concession for cruncer area they had proved up so far - which is a fraction of Tendrara. This points to multiple concessions being applied for over a number of years which in turn implies that economies of scale will lead to production costs lowering over time.

Compare that frex Ain Tsila across the border in Algeria. This gas will come on-stream forex cruncher about the same time as ours and they started over a year ago - quite a pedestrian performance compared to what Sound are planning. It won't - they own it already. The Moroccan section of the pipe is operated by a company crncher Metragaz which is JV between Sagne SpainTransgas Portugal and SNPP Morocco. This opens up the prospect of a new deal being struck and. Sir your post re.

For anyone that doesn't think that the issue of shares to OGIF has already been anticipated in the SP then it would appear that the forex cruncher will actually enhance the SP! Hence no dilution but actually an enhancement. Re: Facts vs Signs. Long term signs for me. I just feel he sticks his neck out more than any others I have seen in his shoes to steady the ship for the long term gain. It depends what signs you are looking at - the long term or short term signals.

I posted last night that the runes were not conducive to the Sidi deal being competed any time soon. JP confirmed that by purchasing shares this morning. That purchase confirmed that the company is not in a close period which it would be if a price sensitive transaction was in the offing. I have the impression that JP crunvher not being well served by his advisors since becoming involved in the IRG carry on. It is quite noticeable that his communication has changed since issuing that howler of an RNS at IRG and I get the impression that it has earned him a rebuke from the authorities, hence the change of tack.

Today is a case in point where the purchase of shares has the unintended consequence of letting the Sidi situation out of the bag. I am all for the SP going down in the short term as I suspect would most LTH as we will be looking to bed and ISA as many shares as possible in the new tax year. I must be wrong. I guess the markets only react to things when they actually happen. Even though forex over the counter are all aware of the warrants, options and OGIF dilution it will in no way affect the share price until the shares are actually issued!

I always thought that like Sedanca trik trading forex selalu profit the market "anticipated" the dilution to some varying degree. I am finding it difficult not to read signs not over facts though from JP. Email - Stick by every word said in Gherkin. More buying today from RNS. It's like don't worry Oompa's. Sorry no substance to this post but he just keeps chucking out positives, as if it's two fingers to those who do not believe.

Back to reading the FACTS again!!!!!! Although there will be new shares issued, these are for a new asset. There should be no dilution although the SP will move up or down if forex cruncher market considers the fforex to me worth more or less than the value of the new shares issued. I think that the SP has already "anticipated" the new shares. The new shares havn't been issued yet so the dilution CANNOT possibly be in the price. Re: Forex trading in botswana from JP.

Good email from JP and standing by every word in the Gherkin keeps me content. Received by rabbitman today and posted elsewhere. Thank you for your email. I have been doing this for five years now and have seen the share price bounce around every day. It goes up and it goes down and sentiment of crundher tends to move with the share price. My job here is not to focus on short term movements but to ensure we have the strategy, work programme, staffing and execution which delivers value over the long term.

This is our public strategy and the opening forex lst system the Paleozoic play is a key element of delivering it. Tendrara really has huge potential and we are in the process of unlocking it. Search discussion archive from. The content of the messages posted represents the opinions of the author, and does not represent the opinions of Interactive Investor Trading Limited or its affiliates and has not been approved or issued by Interactive Investor Trading Limited.

You should be aware that the other participants of the above forex cruncher group are strangers to you and may make statements which may be misleading, deceptive or wrong. Please remember that the value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up and that the past performance of an investment is not a guide to its performance in the future. The discussion boards on this site are intended to be an information sharing forum and is not intended to c# process beginoutputreadline waitforexit your particular requirements.

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Share and fund account. Login to your trading account. Interactive Investor Trading Limited, trading as "Interactive Investor", is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Login to Vote up. JP said mid April. Wasn't quite crunchre we were hoping for though :P. This opens up the crubcher of a new deal being struck and.

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