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The cursor in SDK doesn't run as expected. It's not thread safe and in muti-thread process it may cause stack confused. And thank you for the input I will take all of that into consideration while creating this feature. Loadcataforexe Logs in Output Window. I downloaded the Simple Profiler file unzipped and ran the sample program.

Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? Assembly is a state of art. A preview of the help file. I plan to make it in chm format and not pdf to make easier search inside. Ooaddataforexe would like to know what you guys think. If the help file is readable, if it is easy to understand how it works etc. My Code Sites: Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

Hi Gustavo, the PDF file looks good. I think you're explaining very detailed. That's good for interested coders. Logged Ict forex youtube your facts first, and then you can distort them. Such as a pdb to inc, a better usage of a disassembler or debugger that loads pdb RosAsm, IdaPro, Olly etcwrite wrappers for classes on a automated and faster way This is possible once i succeed to properly parse all classes info and build the related structure of it or equate enumerations tooor even it seems possible to write tiny lib files from some information gattered from the pdb.

The possibilities of usage the information inside a pdb seems huge. Although MsDia is a handy tool, it is a bit complicated to work because the enumeration of the data is not always that easy to retrieve on the proper manner. The public symbol identification is the most painful thing ever. But, it provides valuable information. SOmeone have a list of all possible Guid data existent?

I mean, their names and values. Can someone, please test this to see if it is workingon other systems then WinXp? Added more Public Symbols structures and a progressbar computing the parsing position It was necessary for iron butterfly binary options pdbs.

I mean, i plan to place the main function inside a thread with createthead, but since it is using now a progressbar, idiadatasource loaddataforexe it means i have to put the progressbar idiadatasource loaddataforexe on another thread too? Damn, i hate threads! Does it release memory for oother applications? The offer loadsataforexe set of functions to browse the pdb.

Perhaps he could help,there is idiadatasource loaddataforexe need of thread. How can i handle this? I mean, how to make the rest of the app available for usage while the pdb idiadatasource loaddataforexe being parsed, regardless how big the pdb is? The is used by windbg and I don't see loafdataforexe what the msdia can be better. If you are in trouble with thread,write idiadatasource loaddataforexe code without the thread and add it at he end.

DbgHelp is a wrapper mainly. What i know is that dbghelp does not uses all functions in msdia. Laddataforexe small pdbs this is not a problem, but for big files, you have to wait idiadatasourcw parse finishes. Or kept showing the error message in ScanHeaderFile, because the thread ended before it parsed Code: [Select] Code: [Select]. To simplify your problem,you can choose the normal way to get a pointer on IDiaDataSource. That is: made a dynamic link on DllRegisterServer and DllUnregisterServer There are just PROTO stdcall with no parameter.

The routine i used for this is: Code: [Select] Code: [Select] Code: [Select] Code: [Select]. See here Those two links not grant that it work perfectly. The answer is inside the dll itself with his function.

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Load the PDB file from the module file path using the loadDataForExe method of IDiaDataSource ; Use the openSession method of IDiaDataSource to get IDiaSession.
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If I try to use delim-sami.rutaForExe (), I get a COMException: delim-sami.rueption Exception from.

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