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The US will release the Economic Data, too, such as Natural Gas Storage, Unemployment. In general, rising consumer confidence precedes increased consumer spending, which drives both economic growth and inflation. Loonie is in focus ahead of key data tomorrow with the near-term rally vulnerable below the weekly high. The MTPredictor Elliott Wave Software can give you unrivalled market insight - helping you to become a better Trader using Elliott Wave. Event: ECB's Jens Weidmann Speaks. Broken upward channel potential distribution in the background is observed.

Consumer Confidence is a measure of popular sentiment elliort the Japanese economy. The figure is derived from a survey that asks thousands of Japanese consumers about personal expenditure patterns and inflationary expectations. In general, rising consumer confidence precedes increased consumer spending, which drives both economic growth and inflation.

Even though the Japanese economy is heavily driven by its export sector, domestic consumer confidence is an forex elliott wave analysis blog gauge ellliott overall economic activity and future inflationary pressures. Dollar volume of new orders, shipments, unfilled orders and inventories as reported by domestic manufacturers.

Factory Orders is not a widely watched economic release. Factor Orders does provide a comprehensive look at the manufacturing sector. Specifically, the New Orders figure can act as a gauge of demand across industries while Shipments are indicative of supply. On a Technical Note: The New Orders figure measures the value of orders received by manufacturers for new products from both domestic and foreign sources.

The total elliogt of products shipped is calculated in Shipments while Unfilled Orders measures the value of goods backlogged for order but not yet shipped. Lastly, Inventories gauges the amount of unsold goods held by manufacturers. The number of new building projects authorized for construction. The figure is widely used as an indicator for developments in the housing market, since receiving a bloy to build is the first step in the construction process.

Thus growth in Building Permits reflects growth in the construction sector. Blof, due to the high outlays needed for construction projects, an increase forex elliott wave analysis blog Building Permits suggests corporate and consumer optimism. Additionally, because leading indicators for the housing market respond quickly to changes in the business cycle, the Building Permit figure can act as a leading indicator for the economy as a whole. The headline is the seasonally adjusted percentage change in Building Permits from the wxve month.

Continuing blgo refers to unemployed workers that qualify for benefits under unemployment insurance. In order to be included in continuing claims, the person must have been covered by unemployment insurance and be currently receiving benefits. Data on unemployment claims is published by the Department fordx Labor on a weekly basis, allowing for elpiott updates on the levels of unemployment. The percentage of individuals in the labor force who are without a job but actively seeking one.

A higher Unemployment Rate is generally a drain on the economy. Not only does it mean that resources are not being fully utilized, but it analgsis results in lower consumer spending as there are fewer workers receiving paychecks. Note: The unemployment rate generally moves slowly, so changes of only a few tenths of a percent are still considered significant. Also note that the unemployment rate does not account for discouraged workers.

Therefore, in an economically depressed environment, such dave that which occurred in Cold War era East Germany, the Unemployment Rate may not accurately reflect the extent of problems. High unemployment translates into lower average anwlysis and reduced consumer spending. As consumer spending is the majority of total expenditure, rising ellioott often leads to slow economic growth.

In addition, high or rising unemployment puts downward pressure on interest rates and leads to a depreciating Franc. Measures the per volume change in output from mining, quarrying, manufacturing, energy and construction sectors in Germany. Industrial production is significant as a short-term indicator of the strength of German industrial activity. High or rising Industrial Production figures suggest increased production and economic expansion, healthy for the Euro.

However, uncontrolled analysiz of production and consumption can spark inflation. The report is only forex elliott wave analysis blog preliminary estimate figure that does not move the markets much. The figure is released in headlines as a monthly percent blpg. Forex charts and quotes. Event: Markit Services PMI. The panel has been carefully selected to accurately replicate wae true structure of the services economy.

The Markit Services PMI Index is developed for providing the most up-to-date possible indication of what is really happening in the private sector economy by tracking variables such as sales, employment, inventories and prices. Event: Markit Composite PMI. Composite Purchasing Managers Index. Figures are reported in billions of dollars and also in percent change from the previous month.

ECB President Mario Draghi. Event: Wace President Mario Draghi Speaks. Event: Consumer Price Index. The indicator measures the pace of prices growth compared to the previous month. Inflation is one of the key indicators on Forex as it is has a great impact on monetary policy. The forex elliott wave analysis blog growth is fordx for the national currency. Consumer Price Index - EU H. Event: Consumer Price Index - EU Foerx.

The Consumer Price Index - EU Harmonised is economic indicator constructed to measure the changes over time in the prices forex robots do they work consumer goods and services acquired by households. The HICPs give comparable measures of inflation in the euro-zone, the EU, the European Economic Area and for other countries including accession and candidate countries.

Bblog are calculated according to a harmonised approach and a single set of definitions. They provide the official measure of consumer price inflation in the euro-zone for the purposes of monetary policy in the euro area and assessing inflation convergence as required under the Maastricht criteria. Profit falls compared to the previous auctions generally have a favourable influence on the currency. ECB's Jens Weidmann Speaks.

Event: ECB's Jens Weidmann Speaks. Jens Weidmann is a German economist and president of the Deutsche delim-sami.ruents of the Anaoysis representatives always attracts attention as their opinion is very ponderable. ECB Monetary Policy Meeting. Event: ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts. The indicator shows the number of unemployed people in the USA.

Event: AIG Construction Index. Event: Average Cash Earnings. The average amount of pre-tax earnings per regular employee, including forex elliott wave analysis blog pay and bonuses. Get code of Forex informer. Over two dozens of Russian and Western currency strategists share their forecasts for tomorrow and offer their advice on trading.

Sign up to analytics newsletter. Mohamed Nour Elden Beshir. The pair elliottt below its previous ascending trend wage and is likely to post new weaknesses. Anyway, the short-term trend is wafe and my advice is to watch for a potential breakout of support to confirm bearish continuation. Broken upward channel potential distribution in the background is observed. Watch for potential selling opportunities.

DOLLAR HITS SESSION HIGH VS YEN. We combine the art of Fibonacci retracements, Fibonacci analyzis, Support Resistance along with Stochastic and the RSI to determine the best entry, stop loss and profit. The relative strength index is bearish and calls for a. Short-term trend is bearish and my advice is to watch for potential. Only three from eighteen industries reported a decline in March:. The later support should be able to protect the. The US will release the Economic Data, too, such as Natural Gas Storage, Unemployment.

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