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Of course no third party verification documents or verified investment results are ever show-cased to us to back up his outlandish claims. Now, there are two technical indicators that we use when investing with this strategy which would be the Moving Average and the VWAP Volume Weighted Average Price indicator. Another factor you need to understand oltion that Nadex options are capped profits, as opption as losses-wise. Regardless, the scammers behind and know this truth. The key here is research. I feel that Nadex is an absolute must-review for me, not only because more and more EU-based traders are drawn to it, but also because I feel that it may actually represent a glimpse into the future of binary binary option review blog trading all over the world. Throughout this brief scam review, we will not only debunk the Hydra App auto trader but also expose the other petty scams associated with this auto trading scam.

This is an unbiased review rwview the Public Millionaire App by Pat Bruce, which we found to be a SCAM based upon credible evidence! Pat Bruce is the paid actor who presents rview with this life changing opportunity that allows even the most novice online traders to become millionaires. Right away from the broker selection could we tell that we were dealing with a phony scam. All of the brokers synced with the Public Millionaire App are COMPLETE scams! Investing with unregulated brokers that are operating without licenses and soliciting traders is not only illegal but not safe for you to get trade with!

In other words, he is just a figment of some scam marketers imagination. So how does the Public Millionaire App generate winning trades? According to Barry, who is the alleged computer programmer behind this scam, the software executes investments bbinary public trends. However, IQOption is the only broker to offer these sort of options and none of the brokers synced with the system are regulated nor do they offer OTC offers to invest during the weekends.

This is just another indication that we are dealing with a binary options scam. Only fake entities who have been paid to lie to you on front of camera. Everything about is fabricated and phony! Why put your money at risk with a system that hires paid actors iption lie in front of cameras? We can assure binary option review blog that if you trust this system, you will lose your money.

Lastly, if you want to learn about other scams that you should avoid, make sure to visit our binary options and Forex blacklist. After receiving some disturbing complaints relating to the Signal Samurai SCAM, we have decided to post this critical scam alert to warn the community of this fraudulent trading software. After thorough investigation our WatchDog team has concluded that is a misleading fraudulent trading operation that should be avoided at all costs.

Significant investment losses and illicit credit card charges are just among some of the chief complaints we have received about this binary options trading software. When you land on, you are presented with a sleek and appealing landing page. In fact, compared to most of the other scams we expose, this site looks the least scammy which makes it all that more dangerous. Now, what makes this site so dangerous would binary option review blog that the Signal Samurai website interface lacks all the common traits that we have grown accustomed to exposing with petty online trading scams.

Traits such as the available spots left widget, the fake countdown timer, photoshopped bank account images and a deceptive promotional video are all absent. Which may make you think that you are in the clear but that is far from the truth. Not to mention that it is not very often that we come across online trading offers that are as appealing and good looking as the Signal Samurai software. However, as many of you know, looks can be deceiving.

You notice the image of the man provided to you in the picture above? His name is Kinjo Oda, the alleged founder of the Signal Samurai software. According to the Signal Samurai website, he worked at a prestigious Tokyo Stock Exchange broker for many years. What Kinjo Oda forgot to mention at though bog be how he revieww a part-time model. Go ahead and look at binray image provided to you below.

There we have good old Mr. It is quite obvious that we are dealing with yet again another fabricated binary options scam. So how does this software operate? There are three special strategies that can be used with this system. The first strategy would be the Shumu Signal Samurai Strategy which is supposed to be the perfect choice for all traders. It apparently has the ability to determine future supply and demand levels and uses its algorithmic programming to effectively trade signals.

This is the only strategy that is available for investors who only get started with the standard trading account with one of their assigned scam brokers. The other two strategies would be the Koudo Strategy and the Ankyo Strategy. According to, the Koudo strategy uses Fibonacci numbers in an integral sequence that are a common occurrence in the financial markets.

These occurrences can only be plotted by individuals who have binary option review blog excessive amount of knowledge in the financial markets. To be honest, all of the strategies and every characteristic about this site is a scam and fabricated. Again, everything about this website is clearly fabricated with the sole intention of luring traders to sign up and lose their hard-earned money!

The Signal Samurai is one of the more dangerous binary option software scams that we have come across. The website appears legitimate when in fact everything about the site is phony and fictitious! We can assure optiom that the only outcome that will occur by signing up with the Signal Samurai software would be the loss of your money along with the possibility of fraudulent credit card charges. Why put yourself through that sort of traumatizing experience when there are more proven and effective ways to make money online from home?

Bniary of these signal services and trading software have survived the strenuous testing phase that we put all potentially legitimate service providers through. Who would believe such a ridiculous promise? At least the idiotic scam artists behind this scam spared us the suffering of having to endure a fake countdown timer. Throughout this brief scam review, we will not only debunk the Hydra App auto trader but also expose the other petty scams associated with this auto trading scam.

After receiving a few complaints from a couple subscribers of binary option review blog, we decided to investigate the Hydra App and as you will learn this auto trader is nothing more than your typical get-rich-quick scheme that pop into existence on a daily basis. You would have to be investing your entire account balance numerous times just to reach that value within the first few days and that is if you are lucky enough to somehow win all binary option review blog your investments.

What is even more outlandish would be the bullshit spiel that is delivered from Abraham Epstein. We suppose we should just take his word for it though, right? Who would believe such insane lies? None of the brokers synced with the system are regulated and that is the only way you should trade online! Now, to put the final nail in the coffin and show you just how much of a Bbinary the Hydra Bolg auto trader really is, refer to the image above. Do you see the Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID and NameServers?

If you are an avid subscriber of ours and have been reading our scam reviews lately then you would know how there has been a large number of linked trading scams over the bonary few months. Have you been scammed or do you feel like you have been cheated? Each of these services providers have been tested and proven to help you generate an extra couple hundred to a few thousand dollars per month! Remember, iption is only safe to invest with regulated investment brokers that are legal where you reside!

If you need help finding a reliable broker make sure to visit our Trusted Brokers Guide to ensure you get started with the safest and most user-friendly broker! Subscribe to our blog to avoid all the latest scams and learn more about legitimate services that generate sustainable and consistent trading profits! Being presented to us as a two-in-one package, these two corrupt get-rich-quick schemes are meant to target the inexperienced traders and those researching for a way to make money online from home.

Andre Campbell, the alleged CEO of, is nothing more than a purchased voice-over from some cheap online marketplace. Moving forward, for those of you who have read some of our most recent scam reviews lately, you know by now that the most dangerous elements with this genre of scams would be the promotional video.

Well, compared to most trading software and services that come at bbinary full tilt with their guarantees, photoshopped bank account images and fake testimonials, none of these are present with the Currency Movers scam. Instead we are confronted with a two-in-one package here where viewers who are watching their video eventually get piggy backed into watching a promotional video about Kaizen Global.

Kaizen Global is portrayed as an educational company that is meant to help educate Forex and binary option day-traders. Reza Mokhtarian, the CEO of Kaizen Global, essentially offers a pyramid scheme that promises the hope of generating vast sums of money by participating optiin one of two memberships available at Kaizen Global. The two memberships that you can choose to join would be the Customer or Distributor membership. So how does the distributor membership for Kaizen Global optioj and bknary is it important with this scam review?

So if binary option review blog were to connect the dots here and dive a little bit more into the distributor membership this is where comes into play. It is quite clear to us that the Currency Movers Forex system is operating binary option review blog the distributor license of Kaizen Global and for each sale it generates they receive a commission. In the image provided to you below is an example of the earnings potential that the promotional video shares with you at As you can see the distributor license for Kaizen Global fulfills the representation of a pyramid scheme.

Now this is where innocent people just looking for ways to make money online from home get sucked in and deceived. You see, the creators behind Kaizen Global bibary that thousands and thousands of people are looking for a way to escape their current employment situation. These con-artists also know you are using the interest to search for legitimate ways to make money online from home. In fact that is probably how most of you came across our blog in the first place and are still searching for a way to make money online from home.

Bloy, the scammers behind and know this truth. So although the Currency Movers system is meant to be marketed as a legitimate Forex and binary options trading system their website is in fact just a vehicle to serve as a deceptive outlet to get you to sign up with Kaizen Global through their website. We binary option review blog assure you that no professional team of traders are operating at and the only result that will occur from signing up binary option review blog either Currency Movers or Kaizen Global would be the loss of your hard-earned money.

Do your best not to be fooled by their convincing promotional video. Literally these scammers pulled out all the tricks in the book and unless you have exposed over hundreds of scams like we have over the past four years not being deceived by Currency Movers and Kaizen Global is highly unlikely! Both of these Forex trading systems are extremely dangerous and are without a shred of doubt online money-making schemes. We have seen countless times the vast lengths that scam marketers will go to cover up their tracks and try to convince you that their system is legitimate.

To date we have come across only a few fraudulent operations for online investing that are as dangerous as the Currency Movers and Optioh Global partnership. We are urging everyone to avoid the Currency Movers and Kaizen Global systems for Forex! If you feel like you are being scammed or have been cheated reach out to us immediately for free help! Want some advice on how to stay ahead of all these fraudulent Forex and binary option trading scams?

Subscribe to our blog to avoid deceptive and corrupt money-making schemes and learn about systems that actually generate consistent profits! Chargebacks represent a form of customer protection, allowing credit card holders to dispute a transaction and to reclaim their money, provided their chargeback claim is indeed accepted. As a fallback option for the consumer, the chargeback is a powerful tool indeed.

Its power however should not be abused in opption shape or form. Most people seem to consider chargebacks the slightly-more-radical equivalents of refunds. That, they are not. As such, binary option traders can use it to recover their monies from brokers, who they feel took advantage of them one way biinary another. Sub-par services and downright fraud is unfortunately quite wide-spread in the world of binary option trading, so having such a tool at their disposal is definitely a net positive for traders.

In order to properly wield the power handed to them by this customer-protection tool, traders need to understand the nature of the chargeback thoroughly. First of all: in what ways are chargebacks different from refunds? When filing a chargeback, the customer goes over the optiln of the merchant and has the bank forcibly return his money, without the consent of the latter.

By contrast, a refund is an agreement between the two parties involved in the transaction, and as such, it does not bring the bank into the dispute as a decision-maker. Chargebacks offer a plethora of advantages to traders — in the short-run — and to all market participants over the long-haul. Their mere existence keeps merchants honest and always striving to offer their customers the best possible services and products.

Indeed, there have been cases involving binary options chargebacks, which were meant to recover money stolen by fraudsters. When the existence of fraud is merely suspected though, card holders are always advised to contact the merchant first. What exactly is friendly fraud? In essence, it is chargeback abuse. Sometimes, consumers decide to skip the refund process, because it is too cumbersome. In such cases, chargebacks are unjustified, and as such, they stray into the realm of fraud.

The bank then reviews the request, and if the claim conforms to regulation, it is accepted. The acquirer then takes action and notifies the account owner of the chargeback, according to regulation. The issuer reviews the evidence presented, and it takes action, either upholding its initial verdict, or reversing it and posting the transaction again to the acquirer. From the above, it is rather clear that the chargeback process is a lengthy and costly one.

Repeated chargebacks will result in the levying of fines upon the merchant and eventually the closure of its bank accounts. For less severe cases, a hiking of the processing fees and rolling reserves is in order. From the perspective of the customer, refused chargeback claims are identified as fraud attempt, and they may result in the closure of their bank accounts. In the case of a successfully disputed chargeback, the customer will end up stuck with the chargeback costs. Due to increased chargeback risk, merchants may hike their prices to compensate.

The optiion line is that while they are indeed potent customer-protection tools, chargebacks can be double edged. They should only be used responsibly, as a last-resort and by no means as pption kneejerk reaction when blo a refund. There are also a few law firms that allow ootion to take the broker to court without being physically present.

If anyone reading this was able to use a charge back service or law firm successfully and got back their money, or if you used any other method of getting back lost funds, please enlighten us and share how you did it as a comment below. Binary options and Forex trading can be highly rewarding when done with legitimate brokers and signal services. Nathan Schmidt from is just as fake as the WealthCrew trading app for binary options! Everything about this new software screams SCAM and we are going to provide you with all the facts needed to prove that this system is indeed rebiew scam!

Created by the same scammers who brought us the CogniTrade AppLeaked Profits App and Bahama Banker scamthere is no telling when these con-artists will stop flooding the industry with BS trading software! Also referred to as the Robin Hood trading app, the Wealth Crew trading software is nothing more than another scam system that we come across on a day-to-day basis.

Nathan Schmidt, the so-called creator of this ridiculous online investment scam, does not exist and is nothing more than the paid spokesperson providing the voice-over for this video. One of the more amusing and deceptive characteristics about the WealthCrew website would be how the system claims to be endorsed by John Thain the CEO of Meryll LynchLloyd Blankfein the CEO of Goldman Sachs along with George Binary option review blog who is a billionaire well-known for his ootion accomplishments.

Moving forward now, if you manage to get past the first couple minutes of the pitch video, you will notice how Nathan Schmidt claims that the WealthCrew trading app blo also featured on CNN, CNBC News and the WallStreet Journal. Time-and-time again we have seen this phony and falsified claim asserted and each time we have debunked those claims. Well, the exact same is true about the WealthCrew scam. All of these claims to be sponsored and endorsed by those websites binary option review blog FAKE!

Yes, it is truly that simple. So how is the WealthCrew marketed? Well, compared to traditional fraudulent trading operations that typically follow the embodiment of being an auto-trader, the WealthCrew trading app takes the form of a trade copier. It seems to use that the new trend of scams that are going to be released are going to be trade copying scams which is sad to say but will probably pan out as true.

At the moment, we only know of a couple legitimate services that are successful trade copiers so for those of you still reading this review, if you come across any other service like this one please binart it to us as quickly as possible! Chances are that the system is a scam and the sooner we can warn thousands of day-traders the less likely people are going to fall victim!

Sharing the same Registrar IANA ID and Name Servers as the CogniTrade App, Leaked Profits App and the Bahama Banker, dts trading system afl download is indisputable evidence we are dealing with binary option review blog same network of con-artists! Tired of losing your hard-earned money to deceptive trading systems and brokers? Want an opportunity to get your stolen money back?

Reach out to WatchDog for free help and we will do all we can to get your money back! To learn opgion about other scams circulating the online investment industry make sure to check out our blacklist to learn which systems to binary option review blog Want a free way to stay out of the way of all these fraudulent and ludicrous online trading operations? Subscribe to our blog to avoid all the latest scams and learn more about legitimate services that actually yield profitable investment results!

The Binary Options Millionaire auto-trader from is a dangerous online trading scam. All the elements used to market this fraudulent trading operation are phony and fabricated. It goes without question that the main audience that this scam is directed towards would be for traders who are inexperienced and new to online day-trading.

As many of you know, the most dangerous parts of these auto trading scams can be credited to the promotional videos. The sole purpose of these videos are to earn your trust and swindle you out of your hard-earned money. It truly is a repulsive and the release of online trading scams has become more prevalent than ever.

With this truth in mind it is quite obvious that the most deceptive characteristic associated with this scam would be the promotional video. The first couple of minutes showcase old news broadcasts of high frequency trading, investing with super computers along with interviews with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet which are meant to draw you in and gather your attention.

After your undivided attention has been obtained then the clever script writer responsible for this scam tries to touch home with you guys. He says that he was fed up, heartbroken and had enough losses where he stumble into an epiphany. A second discrepancy that we came across would be how at they claim to be featured by ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, INFOWars and Fox News Channels. We believe it goes without question that this system is without a doubt another get-rich-quick scheme.

As you probably already know though, every one of these brokers is unregulated and just as fraudulent as the scammers working behind-the-scenes with the Binary Options Binary option review blog scam. Please do not only yourself but countless others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding the Binary Options Millionaire trading scam. We can assure you the only binary option review blog that you will experience by putting your trust with this system would be the loss of your money along with the likely occurrence and misuse of your personal and financial information.

Review Verdict: Binary Options Binary option review blog is a SCAM! If you have a binary options complaint, dispute or other investment matters that you need help getting settled, please reach out to us. All of your inquiries are free of charge and strictly confidential unless granted explicit consent. You can rest assured knowing that Watchdog has always had your back and will continue to look out for you in the years to come! Tired of oprion which binary option auto-traders, brokers and service providers you erview to avoid to keep your hard-earned money safe?

Knowledge is power and the more you know about binary option review blog latest scams circulating the industry and which systems are actually legitimate and tested, the better off you will be in the short and long-run! Enter your revkew address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. AVOID the Public Millionaire App SCAM!

Well, for starters, the financial markets are only open Monday-Friday unless you are optioon with a regulated broker like IQ Option that offers OTC trades during the weekend. Review Verdict: Public Millionaire O;tion is a SCAM! Please take the time to share your feedback if optlon have any questions or experiences to share with our community.

Signal Samurai is a SCAM! Review Verdict: Signal Samurai is a SCAM! Please share your feedback if you have any questions or experience to share with the community. Hydra App is a stupid SCAM! Of course no third party verification documents or verified investment results are ever show-cased to us to back up his outlandish claims.

Review Verdict: The Hydra App is a SCAM! Currency Movers Forex Scam Exposed! Kaizen Global Associated With Scam!! In the image provided to you below is an example of the earnings potential that the promotional video shares with you at As you can see the distributor license for Kaizen Global fulfills the representation of a pyramid scheme.

Avoiding becoming a victim of online money-making schemes is much easier reciew than done. Binary Options Chargebacks and Refunds. Have you been scammed by a binary options or Forex broker? When can one legally resort to a chargeback? Practical Guide for Recovering Lost Funds. If you were scammed by a binary options or Forex brokerthese are the steps we recommend binary option review blog.

The first thing you need to realize is that if you were trading with a non-regulated broker and you have made profits, you will usually not be able to withdraw your profits. You should only focus on getting back the money you deposited. If you still have a balance, you should first try to withdraw the money in the conventional way. Make sure your account is fully verified by sending the required documents to the broker.

Required documents binsry include a copy of your credit card, a bank statement, a government issued ID and proof of address, such binary option review blog a recent bill. Send them a formal email, maybe even a letter. Also, try calling them. Warn them that you will be taking further legal steps if they fail to return you your money. You revuew tell them you will do a charge back which can be very damaging for them or complain with the FBI you can do that at

Some people have told us they were able to get a withdrawal by simply threatening the broker that they will complain to yours truly… the Binary Options WatchDog. However, try pressuring them saying that binwry had fallen for a dangerous scam. Many people are aware nowadays of the binary options scam. The last step we can recommend before hiring a lawyer and taking your broker to court is to use a professional chargeback service.

You can CONTACT THEM HERE. WealthCrew is a Scam! Avoid this Fraudulent Operation!! Nadex is the BEST option for US traders! Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you're new to binary options, you should start with a FREE binary options demo and a FREE signal service. US traders should only use Nadex. Binary Options Watch Dog.

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