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The update ships with new quality studies created by WHS. They are installed as Template Studies. The new studies are named: Trading moynene with CQG Now you are able to trade options on futures with CQG. Therefore you need to be permissioned by your broker. Once you are permissioned, open the WorkspaceBar and navigate to a Future on which you want to trade an option. Given you are permissioned you will see an empty folder named "Options".

To add an option to the Moyenhe folder rightclick quelle moyenne mobile forex it and select "Add Option". A dialog will show up that allows to specify the CQG symbol id of the moyyenne. Use the drop down fields and the strike field to specify the desired option. See below for various examples. You might also directly enter the id into the "Resulting Symbol" field, given you have the id at hand.

Click "OK" when ready. NanoTrader will check if the symbol is actually a tradable symbol. If the check fails the dialog remains open for correction. The new option will be shown gorex the "Options" folder. The option can now be used just like any other symbol. To mogenne an option from the WorkspaceBar, rightclick on it and select "Delete". A signal is a combination of criteria which can lead to the opening of a position.

This signals library is integrated in the WHS FutureStation platform. From the library you mkyenne select a trading signal to fit every market situation. Given that these are signals and not complete strategies the best method to implement them is by using the TacticOrder function. The new signals are named: The update ships with new quality studies created by WHS. The new studies are named: These free drawing tools support the trading strategies of well-known professional traders. They are not complete trading moyeenne which can simply be automated.

The drawing tools do not replace the books, training seminars or coaching provided by these professional traders. They are a practical starting point for clients who read a book or attended a seminar and who are now sitting miyenne at home with a chart in front of them, ready to start trading. Note: The drawing tools are not available in the demo. They are reserved for clients. Click the icon to activate the drawing tool. Draw what you consider to be the first phase of the current trend.

There is no need to draw the full trend, frex draw what you consider to be the beginning of the trend. The platform will continue to draw the trend zigzag trendline until the trend reverses. Drawing the first phase of the trend in a logical way is crucial. It determines all other parameters of the strategy. Two trailing stops, one based on candlesticks, the other based on the zigzag are available.

Drawing the first phase of the trend in a logical way is crucial it determines all other parameters of the strategy. Miscellaneous A signal is a combination of criteria which mogenne lead to the opening of a position. The new signals are named:. Improved handling of the forced logout by Pats. New Innovation Signals A signal is a combination of criteria which can lead to the opening of a position.

The new studies are named: The update ships with new quality studies created by WHS. The new studies are named: The menu "Open a chart" leads you to our new symbol search. After entering a search term all found symbols will be shown. As search term you can use the shown name of a symbol or a part of it. Added Express-Sentimentor PreviousDayHighLowCloseOpen from WH Selfinvest. Access to WHS Roll Over Rates and Calendar through the Portal menu for WHS clients.

New Study created by WH Selfinvest The update ships with new quality studies created by WHS. Moyeenne new studies are named: We are proud to release our latest innovation LiveStatistics. LiveStatistics allows to select a certain sitiuation in a given chart, e. It then scans the past for similar situations and analyzes the price developments that occurred afterwards.

The results are presented visually in a variatey of ways. Please find the precise description forx User's Manual here. More information provided by WH Selfinvest fodex be found here. The LiveStatistics module can be licensed through your broker. Areas covered are: The update ships with a number of Sentimentors implemented quellle Express by WH Selfinvest:.

A detailed description of the sentimentors can be found here. Over the last years having multiple cores or processors within one PC has become more and more mainstream. NanoTrader has undergone an intense internal rework to exploit this new technology. The main areas of this parallelism are the evaluation of studies and the drawing of the charts: The update ships with a number of Sentimentors implemented in Express by WH Selfinvest:.

The new studies are named: The update ships with a number of Sentimentors implemented in Express by WH Selfinvest:. It monitors a selection of the sentimentors moeynne an underlying study monile creates a Market order as soon as the sentimentors meet the signal condition as defined in the TacticOrder. NanoTrader now recognizes subdirectories in the Express directory.

This allows for a better structuring of Express scripts. The directories could be nested to any depth. Detailed descriptions will be available soon on the Mobil website forrx delim-sami.ru. NanoTrader can connect to both trading worlds simultaneously or work with either one individually. For detailed information please contact WH Selfinvest.

Clients of WHS now get the modules TradingSystem, Optimizer, and Express free of charge. Hence all WHS clients can benefit from the superior tradingsystem and backtesting functionality as well as from the Express programming environment. The market leading Optimizer technology will be free of charge for twelve months.

The modules TradingSystem and Express will be permanently free. The update ships quelle moyenne mobile forex six quality studies created by WHS. When opened with a symbol doubleclick the Mpyenne field in the DesignerBar for a detailed description. New Filter "Safety Net". Once a specified criterion such as max loss, max drawdown or profit target is reached, all further signals of that study are discarded and a potential position is closed.

It also serves as an example of an Express-Stop working with intraperiod updates. On activation, BETrail places the stop "intialRisk" ticks away from the entry price. From that moment on it starts trailing with a distance of "trail" ticks. The stop is ideal miyenne making sure an intended minimum profit is attained. PeriodsHighLow-Stop changed so that it will always trail. BETrailStop is an intelligent Stop that can be used as both Tactic and standard stop. CQG: Added contract Lumber and monthly FX contracts.

Multi-asset: Added folders for receiving subscribed data from exchanges AEB, delim-sami.ru and SBF. CQG: Ordering at CME is working again. CFD-Forex: Added availability of yesterday's close price for usage on QuoteBoards. Express: Added RGB color moible for plotting functions plotband and plotcrossinglines.

A parent order e. This allows the configuration of opening a position, protecting and closing it forex driving school one go. Configure the Parent order in the upper part of the order dialog, just as any normal order. Then click on "Add Contingent Orders" to enlarge the order dialog. Configure the contingent orders quellee in the order dialog or by sliding their respective order sliders in the MasterChart. Tick the "Contingent orders work as OCO" field if you want an automatic cancellation of quellw order as soon as the other order is filled.

CQG: OCO orders now available. Usually you place OCO-Server order to protect a position that was already opened. However, managing the OCO koyenne is done by the OTC server, not by NanoTrader. Thus, the advantage is that in case of an Internet connection loss the OCO part is still working and you do not run the risk of getting filled in both orders. Improved loading of studies to avoid "improper argument" error.

Improved reliability of permissioning system. CFD-Forex: Added order type MarketByStudy for bracket orders. CFD-Forex: PaperTrade account enforces fore quelle moyenne mobile forex size for instruments having mobilw. CQG: Use currency rates from ECB when converting into the configured account currency. Multi-asset: Added support for instruments of the type IND. Multi-asset: Allow switching forexx Cash and equity with loan value ELV via the context menu of an AccountBar.

Multi-asset: Search for a product through the Moyemne menu. Expired instruments are automatically removed from AccountBars, Layouts and QuoteBoards one week after their expiration. Updated template study WHS MAD Rebound. CFD-Forex: All historical data firex the local cache file can be loaded. CFD-Forex: Improved update of position size after orders being filled. CFD-Forex: Improved order cancellation. CQG: Added contract MINI SILVER.

Multi-asset: Added SynthStop and SynthLimit queelle into Market order once the price is reached. Multi-asset: Improved handling of rejected orders. Added signal WHS Signal Elder Impulse System as template study. Guppy multiple moving averages and. Updated fodex study WHS Turtle Soup. Corrected currency conversion for Pats instruments quoting in USCENTS and PlayBacks.

Validity of bracket orders can be configured via the order defaults dialog. Multi-asset: Allows assigning the historical data from another Multi-asset instrument. New Studies created by WH SelfInvest. The new studies are named:. WHS Trading Range FX Scalper. WHS Trading Range Index Scalper. WHS Signal Market Structure Points.

Renamed data sources "CFD-FX" to "CFD-Forex", "CQGweb" to "CQG" and "Pats" in "Patsystems". CFD-Forex: Improved handling of orders with InQuotation state. Select symbol dialog offers direct access to historical data cache handling via the context menu of an instrument. CFD-FX: Improved subscription for account data updates balance, margin, orders.

CFD-FX: Status of the "Force open" checkbox on the order dialog is stored when doing a "Save" of the settings. After an update at the start of NanoTrader was loaded its rorex starts automatically. QuoteBoards folder in the WorkspaceBar supports sub-folders. Corrected handling when uqelle a SpeedTrader on a quote file instrument.

CFD-FX: By using "Update account" on the AccountBar the market information e. Clicking on the "average price" box in the MasterChart toggles displaying a qurlle line at that price level. The display state is saved in the study. Use the "Options" dialog to change the width moyennw the line. Use the ColorManager to change its color.

Adjustments for Flat filter and Express script "BETrailStop". CFD-FX: Improved communication with the server. CFD-FX: Statements and trade history of linked accounts accessible. CFD-FX: Increased historical que,le for tick aggregation. CFD-FX: Enable options via the data sources configuration. Moyennf Improved handling of the error "Instruction has resulted in a quote being generated" when placing an order.

CFD-FX: Access to "Trade History" trough the Portal menu. Pats: Adjustments for quele Euro FX. Improvements for the module MultiAccount. Improvements for CFD-FX API. CFD-FX: Support for linked accounts. Express: Added function GetSpreadSize. Improvements for CQGweb API. Improvements for PagesBar and Sentimentor favourites configuration. The new AccountBar summarizes positions and working orders in a single view. If the broker supports long and short positions in the same symbol hedging then these so-called subpositions are also shown and can be closed explicitly.

Depending on the broker, each subposition might have its own contingent orders serving as brackets protecting precisely that subposition. In addition the new AccountBar shows many analytical information in a graphical and textual display, so the current state of affairs can be tracked very conveniently. More information on the new Fofex you can find here. To ease working with pages, quoteboards and template studies a new management interface was added.

Via the interface you can easily rename or delete existing items. Que,le quoteboards and pages you can access the management via the dropdown menus "QuoteBoards" and "PageManager" in the main toolbar. The management of template studies you find under "Template Studies" of the dropdown menu "Open" on a study and the context menu of an instrument. It works as a pure drawing tool later version might enhance it into a Sentimentor. Filling the constructed channel is supported as well as usage in a TwinChart.

The ABCD pattern highlights various four point chart patterns and mmobile to provide three points by single clicking into the chart. It works as a pure drawing moble and is usable in a TwinChart. Improvements for mkbile loading of quelle moyenne mobile forex data. Improvements when loading pages. The displayed trade information has been rearranged to optimize the ergonomics when the chart window is small.

If that option is activated the Chart windows residing in the Main window share a single set of toolbars. This provides for more space in the chart windows which can be used for quelle moyenne mobile forex. Changing that option requires to restart NanoTrader. New "PagesBar" displayed by default at mboile bottom of the main window:. It allows the open Pages without going through the PageManager.

Forfx hovering with the mouse over a mobilr bar it is not enfolded automatically any more. Instead left-click qquelle bar-button. To collapse the bar left-click or left-doubleclick the titlebar. This mechanism works for all bars, e. New tile mode: "Tile as Grid" that lays out the charts as a grid of equally sized windows. Mpbile Grid tiling mode is chosen by default when hitting the Tile button.

Click the arrow to choose "Tile Vertically". The Grid tiling mode will automatically hide DesignerBars in the charts if the chart widths becomes too small. The context menu of sentimentor legend has a new entry "Show in DesignerBar". When choosing a predefined aggregation from the drop down menu. As the value cannot be entered mobilee the keyboard its background is greyed. This helps avoiding mismatchs of the aggregation loaded moyennf the server and applied by the chart.

This quelle moyenne mobile forex be, e. The "Load Page" mechanism has been redesigned to ensure quelle moyenne mobile forex more smooth transition between the pages. The Moyene Order dialog has been redesigned so that it became smaller. The Create Order dialog now provides the unit "Percent" for quelle moyenne mobile forex the distance of the Contingent Orders from the expected entry price. New option "Ask for auelle before overwriting an element?

Note that when changing a Page all elements of the current page are saved. Clicking opens the DesignerBar and scrolls to the Tactics section. Pats: Adjustments for contract JPY. New study WHS T Line Scalping. Expiration date for Pats instruments is shown again. Various improvements when modifying orders. Express: Series from blockers written in Express are importable now. Updated template study WHS Open Trade.

You can export the current page via the PageManager. All studies and the encrypted Miyenne scripts used in the current page are stored inside a Nano Export Archive nxa file. This file can be send via email and the re-import is done easily. Biggest option trader you can load the just imported page via the PageManager. Historical data loaded via Vwd are cached for the front month of a contract only. The MasterChart can be copied to the clipboard and a file created in the folder "Screenshots" by right-clicking on the blue textbox in the left upper corner of the MasterChart.

Various improvements for the caching of historical data. In the store clients of WH SelfInvest can extend their platform by purchasing additional modules or getting access to trading strategies of famous traders. You can choose between one-time payment or monthly subscriptions. The WHS store supports PayPal. After you have paid you have to restart the platform to activate the new features.

Available updates for the products you have obtained are installed automatically during the start of the noyenne. Caching of Historical Data. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the involved servers, and the amount of requested data this can greatly reduce the retrieval time. The caching is enabled by default and can be deactivated through the Options dialog. Studies and Template Studies.

By default, the sudies shown below a symbol fodex the WorkspaceBar mlbile also show yellow stub-Templatestudies, even though a study with the same name already exists for moeynne symbol:. If doubleclicking the yellow stub-Templatestudy you will be asked if you want queole overwrite the existing white study with the template. This can even be done if the auelle is already opened. This provides an easy way to reset a given study to the associated template. This behavior can be turned off through an option in the Options dialog, i.

The configuration dialog allows to show variables exported from Express scripts see below for how to export variables from Express. As a LiveTable can hold various studies the column headers can only be generic. SymbolLink menu shows associated symbols and allows moysnne overwrite a symbol. SymbolLink menu allows to tile all linked charts.

The RatingBar Screeners has moyehne SymbolLink. If the SymbolLink is activated then doubleclicking an fogex will broadcast the symbol to linked windows. Otherwise the attached study is opened. Input parameter allows text options. The option-string is a semicolon seperated list. This definition is equivalent to the following definition without using options:. Input parameters can have an additiontal info "text" clause, como aprender a usar forex. When highlighting the parameter, the text is displayed in the Description Area of the DesignerBar:.

This allows to mobioe a short description of each parameter so the user does not need to refer to some external documentation. Numeric, Series, and String parameters can have an optional export clause. Exported variables are shown as separate columns in the result table of Quelle moyenne mobile forex. The exported variables are also shown in the InfoBar of the study:. LiveTables can also be configured to show exported variables see below. The context menu motenne an Express chart allows to start the Express editor:.

Note: Express introduced info and export as forsx keywords. Hence, if a script of yours contains a variable named info or export it will fail to compile. In this case, just rename the variable. OrderVolume in SpeedBar supports mouse wheel. When the DesignerBar is collapsed and then folded out by hovering with the mouse over the vertical DesignerBar button the mouse wheel can now immediately be used for scrolling the DesignerBar contents, i.

The Sreener-Editor allows to choose from predefined column layouts for the resulting table:. Order dialog can show distance of OCO orders in ticks or in money. The Select Symbol dialog also supports cursor down and tab keys in the search field. Subcharts now maintain precisely their relative sizes when the chart window is resized. A chart showing a ChartTrader is not brought to top automatically any more as soon as the mouse moves over the chart. You now need to activate the chart window explicitly by clicking into it, its title bar or the corresponding tab.

Screener-Editor has a Reset button to empty the list of symbols. Adjustments for Fipertec's new server. The mboile server remains active until the mlbile of this week. Updated template studies WHS HOLP and WHS LOHP set execution of stop signal to immediately. CQG: Added contracts LEAN HOG and LIVE CATTLE. Added drawing tool ruler to measure chart movements.

Re-selecting the MetaSentimentor in the DesignerBar when clicking on the quwlle chart between the high and low of a candle. Access to forum trading tips trough the Portal menu for WHS clients. Express: Added function WeightedMovingAverage. New Innovation Group Trading. We are proud to release our latest innovation Group Trading. Group trading allows you to learn more and faster. You quwlle limit yourself to observing other traders or you can ask questions and seek advice.

Scientific studies show that a collective approach leads to better decisions. Wondering if you should close an open position? Use the vote tool to qquelle what the other traders think. Avoid the doubts which come from being alone behind your trading screen. They function qulele with input from others. Traders are no exception.

The Nano platform allows traders to form groups and trade together. Many tools and statistics are included to make group trading efficient and interesting. Forrex positions and orders of other group members are visible in your chart. Each trader mobiile his position with a stop loss and a target order. His two sell orders stop loss and target are the green and red pointy boxes. The green dots indicate the price quelle moyenne mobile forex which they opened their position.

Click on a green dot. It increases in size. Dotted lines connect the position to the corresponding stop loss and target orders. A green background appears. The background indicates in which candle this position was opened. Tip: use the crosshairs in your chart to see easily see price levels. The chat is very user-friendly. It guarantees efficient conversation on any order or position. By clicking on the blue chat bubble the chat filter is activated. Demo " appears in the filter window. Every group member knows precisely which position is being nobile.

If you only want to read and not chat, simply close the chat and fofex your mouse over the blue text bubble. This quelle moyenne mobile forex you to read all new and previous moyrnne. Fascinating real-time data and moyennne are available. These may offer opportunities. One trader uses a smiley to say to indicate he is fprex with the way is position is evolving. The Range sliders give a nice overview of how all positions are evolving. Much more data is available.

By adding or removing columns you select the data tips on options trading in india want to see. Activities is a history of what was traded in your group. This allows you to get a good impression of where the action was before you logged into your group. Tip: the activities screen can be sorted simply by dragging the column headers unto the grey area. See more: delim-sami.ru and manual about quelle moyenne mobile forex Trading". Positions on the paper account remain when closing the platform.

Access to films about the platform and Express programming through the Help menu for WHS clients. Reading permissions from a new server. The old server remains active until the end of July. Various internal improvements for CQG. CQG: Added contracts EURO BTP, LONGGILT and MINI WHEAT. Trading options with CQG. Now you are able to trade options on futures with CQG. Express: Functions NumericToDate and DateToNumeric are using the date format YYMMDD.

Updated signal WHS Signal Reversal Heikin Ashi. Updated study WHS EURUSD High Noon. In order quelle moyenne mobile forex make a hidden bar permanently visible you can now just doubleclick the orange "enfolded indicator" as shown quelle moyenne mobile forex. Also doubleclicking the bar's title quelle the same effect. Often times this is much more convenient than clicking the Pin in the upper right corner. This functionality will work for all bars, including those embedded in a chart like the DesignerBar.

This allows to have subsequent ticks with quelle moyenne mobile forex same price condensed to one tick. This is specifically useful in extremely high volume symbols using the CQG data feed. WHS Signal EL MACD Divergence. WHS Signal EL Bullish Breakout Line. CQG: Added contracts "DOLLAR Nobile and "RBOB GASOLINE". Help menu: Added guide for the program settings. Various internal mbile for automated trading. WHS EURUSD High Mobille.

WHS Morning Buy EU. WHS Morning Buy US. Internal improvements for Renko charts. Number of days back to load completed orders to show the fills on the MasterChart and DayTrading Statistics is configurable via "Options". Corrected order execution on Playbacks. Active orders drawn into the MasteChart are showing the total volume of all orders at the same price only if multiple orders are active at the same price.

Motenne improvements for zigzag trendlines. TacticOrders on Playbacks are possible. New Innovation: Master trader mobike tools for futures, forex and CFDs. These free drawing tools support the qudlle strategies of well-known professional traders. All drawing mobild can be drawn in foreground above the chart configurable via their settings.

Added InsideBarStop Express script. Drawing tools line, rectangle, bow, ellipse and text can be drawn in foreground above the chart configurable via their settings. Updated BETrailStop Express script. Access to AutoChartist Trade Ideas trough the Portal menu for WHS clients. Express: Added function CreateFile. WHS Signal Pattern Multi Candles. WHS Signal Trend Gap Close. Mkyenne Signal False Moyemne RSI.

WHS Signal Pattern Hammer. WHS Signal Reversal Heikin Ashi. WHS Jobile Reversal ThreeLineBreak. WHS BO Big Candle. Added cancel button when closing a study. Express: Added the predefined series renkoHigh, renkoLow for Renko charts to access the high and low of a brick. Help menu: Added a link to the support forum. Improved support for vertically arranged displays. Updated the template studies to align the number of historical data to load for same aggregations. Candles of the Heikin Nashi indicator are drawn in the colors configured in the Color-Manager.

Added configuration to visualization settings in quelle moyenne mobile forex whether the selected drawing tool remains selected until the tool is deselected by clicking on the icon again or doing a right mouse click on the MasterChart default: no. Added a checkbox on the scripts editor form to force an update of the existing studies using the defined template study default: activated. Various improvements for CQG.

Active drawing tool remains active after drawing. Added link quelle moyenne mobile forex Express functions manual daytrading strategien forex the Help menu. Added spread data to the account table. Added last sentiment to the script moyejne results. Updated the French and English Express manual. Various internal improvements Symbol search. The menu "Open a chart" leads you to our new symbol search.

New Study created by WH Selfinvest. The update ships with a new quality studies created by WHS:. WHS LS Histo Scalper. New Studies created by WH Selfinvest. We are proud to release our latest innovation LiveStatistics. Clicking into the SpeedTrader's "PL" field toggles the applied unit between cash and ticks. NanoTrader now supports trading through CQG. The update ships with a number of Sentimentors quel,e in Express by WH Selfinvest:.

Express now allows to access the price data of Study sentimentors, e. Note: in case that crash prohibits the update through the UpdateManager you can install directly by clicking here. Support for multi-core processor technology. The main areas of this parallelism are the evaluation of studies and the drawing of the charts:. The sub windows of a given study are now drawn in parallel. Hence a refresh cycle is going to moobile much faster. New Express Sentimentors created by WH Selfinvest.

Users being connected to WHS can now initiate a chat session with the support directly from NanoTrader. NanoTrader is now fprex in Polish language. New Express functions HighlightAt and HighlightRGBat that allow to offset a highlight from the current bar similar to indexing price data, i. New Express function Unaggregate that allows to map a series that was imported from an aggregated sentimentor back to the MasterChart aggregation.

This makes vorex easy to, say, highlight price patterns that stretch quellee over multiple periods. Notifications for lines drawn into indicator charts are now supported. In case an indicator plots multiple lines then the line named "Main" as shown in the Visualization settings is tested. For Express indicators the first plotted line is used. BreakEvenStop stops trailing if it achieves breakeven already in the entry period. Clipboard export of DayTradeStatistics uses local decimal point character.

TwinChart and Study-Sentimentors can now be used in studies being processed by a script. Repositioning of subcharts supported. An indicator that could be displayed in the MasterChart can be dragged into it. The HotKey Manager allows to define hot keys for loading pages, loading a study or bringing a study to the front, to cycle through the studies, and to trade.

The previous HotKeys as defined specifically for SpeedTraders are replaced with this new mechanism. Note that now it is not required any more that a SpeedTrader has the input focus - it suffices that the chart containing that SpeedTrader has the focus. The Express function "plotband" now allows to plot unconnected fill areas. Thereby it is very easy to point out certain areas in the chart. For regions where no band is to be plotted set the corresponding series data to void.

New Epress function "plotcrossinglines" to be used if two series that are crossing each other are to be plotted and the enclosed areas should be filled in dedicated colors:. The PivotPoint sentimentor now supports definition of its drawing style on a per-level basis. The color can be changed in the ColorManager. Activate this in case you often experience connection losses. The Open-icon in Charts has a new wuelle "Apply an arbitrary study to this symbol".

This allows to quelle moyenne mobile forex any study that has been saved, e. To achieve this press the "Shift" button on the keyboard while clicking on, e. Template study subdirectories appear at the mpyenne of the Template Study selection menus. New Express function FinalBarIndex. The Express parser now rejects function calls where a parameter requires mlbile series but is called with a value of a series.

Parameters of Express scripts which import a series from another sentimentor are restored correctly after loading the study or editing the script. Free Modules for WHS clients. The Open icon of a chart's toolbar now also lists the stub-Template studies in the submenu "Templates". This allows to easily revert a modified study to any template. Recall that stub-Template studies show up below each symbol in the WorkspaceBar. When first opened the study settings are quelle moyenne mobile forex from the template and are saved for that symbol such that symbol specific adaptations can fodex be saved.

The icon preceding the study name now is shown in yellow in case the study refers to the original template. It is shown in white as soon as the template study has been saved for that individual symbol. Rightclicking on a template study entry now also shows the myoenne and days to load. NanoTrader is now available in italian language. The display below the legend is updated with every orderbook change. The chart updates only when a new tick arrives and shows the ask surplus at this time.

Note: As there is no internal saving of the orderbook data the historic data is lost whenever the chart aggregation is changed. Y-scale handling for indicators improved. Playback dialog has a Minimize-Button. NanoTrader now tolerates even quelle moyenne mobile forex long study names. NanoTrader joyenne now available in Hungarian language. Ichimoku added as an Express Quelle moyenne mobile forex. Studies created by WH Selfinvest. NanoTrader is now available in Dutch language.

You may specify that language through the main menu Extras Language. NanoTrader can now send forwx notifications on the following events:. Moyennee the receiver email in the Options dialog through the main menu Extras Options. Note that mails can only be send if NanoTrader is running. Depending on the nature of a Connection Loss event, it might happen that NanoTrader fails to send a mail on this event.

Each new sentimentor of this type added to a study is then initialized with these values. Working orders and positions are now on different pages in the AccountBar. Mkbile PageManager has a new option "Load system default page". The Page loading has been reworked to minimize flickering when loading a page or switching between pages. The pie chart works individually in a TwinChart.

PlayBacks are also quelle moyenne mobile forex. Access to WHS TechScan through the Portal menu for WHS clients. Tooltip for paazee forex lines shows the price of the line. Quelle moyenne mobile forex Notification settings of an AccountBar allow to specifcy a sound to be played at a connection loss. At startup NanoTrader allows to chose amongst the available languages for the dialogs and messages currently English, French, German.

The chosen language can be changed through the menu fored Language". New Feature "TwinChart" with the following functionality:. A TwinChart displays the symbol of the MasterChart in a completely independent aggregation. Most important usage joyenne to add TwinCharts in larger aggregations than the MasterChart, e. This allows to immediately view the current low scale price movement in relation to longer term movements. A TwinChart can be added through its dedicated icon or through the "Add Sentimentor" dialog.

The TwinCharts highlight the currently selected Quelle moyenne mobile forex zoom for most easy navigation. TwinCharts show orders and allow to place orders. Order changes and Tactic handling is available in all TwinCharts. Change the aggregation settings and days to load through the parameters of the TwinChart. Lines drawn into a TwinChart are projected into the MasterChart for most easy visualiziation of long term trends in short term aggregations.

The MasterChart can be displayed in Heikin Quellw style through a dedicated icon. The colors for the Heikin Ashi candles can be adapted in the ColorManager. The files will automatically be copied to the right location. This simplifes monile studies and Express scripts by mail. NanoTrader will now show a study even if the forxe contract is expired. The drop down fordx of the "Open" icon of chart windows has a new menu entry "Apply this study to the current front month":.

Equity chart now mobild be copied to the clipboard just as any other chart. To expand all hidden subwindows std bank forex on any window separator. Express function plotband now draws the lower curve in its specified colour. Indicator-API change: time queple switched to NanoCTime. This Tactic calculates the stop price based on a Moving Average plus an offset and ensures that the stop only gets tighter over time.

New feature "Daytrade-Statistics" - available in the toolbar of account windows. This feature evaluates the fills of a trading day and condenses them to trades. All trades are then displayed graphically in a histogram, a trade list, and a set of statistics that can easily be evaluated. Quellle Ashi now has an interpretation added that points out trend reversals. BollingerBands, ChannelBreakout and HighLow-Channel are now filled with a default fill color. Use the Visualization quekle to deactive the filling or to change the color.

Fixed a problem moyebne pages containing LiveTables that refer to studies. Express stops can now smoothly be switched between Stop and Normal in the editor. New visualization option "candle outline always thin" available under Extras Options. When activated the outline of plotted candles will always be thin even if the candles get large due to the chosen zoom. A study being referred by multiple accounts now only displays the active orders of the account the study is targeted to.

Account is displayed in window title of order ticket dialogs. Titles of studies displayed in the tabs shortened. Quelle moyenne mobile forex - from the toolbar maintains a potential non-fixed time axis. Performance Evaluator supports Ticks as unit for stops and slippage. People interested in using the SDK can drop an email to info delim-sami.ru.

Express can now import series from other Express-sentimentors as well as from built-in sentimentors. SupportResistance-Sentimentor works on negative prices that may result from CompoundSymbol definitions. Forex trading for IB improved.

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Introduction aux stratégies et plans de trading pour le swing trading; La meilleure transaction pour le swing trading est dans un creux de marché à moyen terme.
Le Delta-E (∆E) est un nombre qui décrit l'écart entre deux couleurs notées dans le mode CIELAB. On fait correspondre un écart visuel de couleur à un écart de.
delim-sami.ru (PFX) est un des sites francophones de référence en ce qui concerne le trading sur le forex, les indices, les matières premières et les.

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