90 of option traders lose money

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There are two very good reasons why most retail option investors lose money:. This means that options lose value with the passage of time. While it is not impossible to be profitable on any trade despite this mathematical disadvantage, it is a statistical impossibility to be profitable over time. It is fairly easy however to offset the time depreciation element in options by 90 of option traders lose money up your trades properly.

I will show you below how to offset the time depreciation aspect of options. The truth is: The most successful traders are the ones who know when to sit on the sidelines and pick their spots. Patience is the key to making very substantial profits, and doing so on a consistent basis. Above, I mentioned that I would show you how to offset the time depreciation element of options. To offset time depreciation, I simultaneously buy and sell options.

This type of trade is known as a spread trade, and not only reduces the time depreciation of the options purchased, but also reduces the overall cost and risk of the trade to you. In essence, we recommended buying some expensive put options and recommended selling less expensive put options against them. However, let me explain the instructions to you in more detail. The symbol for the options we are recommending buying is XEOTB.

The symbol for the options we are selling is XEOTA. The above description explains the benefits of using spread trades when investing with options. Utilizing the spread trade allows the investor to offset the time depreciation characteristic of the options that typically works against the investor. Most investors with options employ a strategy of simply buying either call or put options.

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Why 90% people lose money in options? Ever traded options? Must Watch.

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Why Most Traders Lose Money and Why the Market Requires It.

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